Frequently Asked Questions

Before Enrolment

You can find out on our Enrolment page or calling our friendly team on +61 3 6169 5508

We are facilitating both online and on campus Orientation and Sign-up for our new students. You can either attend your Orientation in person at our Hobart Campus or Sydney Campus, or join us online from the comfort of your own home! Please refer to the Orientation and Email sent to you before your commencement date or our Orientation Page

If you unfortunately missed your Orientation, a recording will be made available on our Orientation Page shortly after the Orientation date. Alternatively, you can login to Moodle to check the Student Onboarding Pack which includes all important topics covered in the Orientation.

While we strongly encourage all students to complete their sign up before their course commencement date, students under 18 years old are given 14 days from their proposed commencement date to begin their course while other students are to commence within 30 days. If there are some compassionate and compelling circumstances inhibiting your course commencement within the aforementioned timeframes, please contact [email protected] for further details.

Please kindly ensure that you have completed your sign up by responding to the email sent by Student Support before your proposed course commencement date and attaching the required documents. Please refer to our Orientation Page 

If you have already sent through your sign-up documents, we will send you the welcome email with your log in details within two business days.

After Enrolment

Please contact us on [email protected] for further information.

If you have not yet completed your sign up and orientation yet, please kindly do so first by responding to the Orientation Invitation email sent by Reach Student Support and attaching the required documents.

If you are a new student who has just completed sign up and orientation, please allow a couple of business days for our friendly Academic Team to provide the class details to you!

For existing student unit and course inquiries, please kindly contact our Academic Team on [email protected].

Each faculty of Reach Community College has adjusted their delivery modes to adapt to the COVID restrictions, wherever students are located. Through these new arrangements, students can continue their studies via eLearning, Online Live Stream, face-to-face classes, or a combination of all three. This will vary depending on the qualification.

Please note that all practical training and assessment components must be completed fate-to-face.

If you cannot locate the class link within the Announcements section on Moodle, please kindly contact the Academic Team on [email protected].

Please try double checking the login details provided and make sure to include any capital letters and special characters in your password. If you have not yet received Welcome Letter, please contact our Student Support team at [email protected]

Please kindly refer to the Student Manual sent to you at the start of your enrolment to reset the password. If you have persistent issues in resetting your password, please kindly send through a screenshot of the error to our Student Support team on  [email protected] to assist further.

You can keep your details up-to-date on Moodle, so that we can contact you about your course or in case of an emergency. Alternatively, you can email  [email protected] to update your details manually.

Yes, you can. Please kindly send through a copy of your Statement of Attainment, transcript and/or Certificate to  [email protected] for assessment.

Yes, you can. Please fill in the Change of Qualification form and send it to  [email protected] for review.

Please note that certain requirements and conditions may apply. You may also contact the Academic team on [email protected] for more details.

You can apply for deferment by filling out the Deferment form and send it together with evidence of compassionate and compelling circumstances   [email protected] for review.

You can apply by filling out the Request for Release and sending it together with your new Letter of Offer to  [email protected] for review.

If you are considering withdrawal due to a change of circumstances or issues with the course content, we highly recommend getting in touch with the Student Support team about the range of support services available.

If you have decided to go ahead with withdrawal after the consultations, please fill out and submit the Withdrawal form and send it to [email protected] for review.

If you have not yet been issued a soft copy from the Certificates team, please kindly contact the Academic Team on [email protected] to review your progress and certificate eligibility. Please be kindly advised that all fees need to be paid before a certificate can be issued.

If you have already received the soft copy from the Certificates team, please email [email protected] to arrange the hard copy pick-up at your closest campus.

For enquiries about student fees, invoices and payments please email [email protected] Or view our Finance & Payment page for further information.

Please kindly contact our friendly Accounts Receivable team on [email protected] to see if temporary alternative payment plans can be made.

Still have questions?

Please email [email protected]

Or view our Student Support Team page for further information.