Everything you need to know before enrolling

Step 1 - Pre-Enrolment Information

To help you make an informed enrolment decision, you are encouraged to attend a pre-enrolment consultation session provided by your authorised education agent and/or representative staff from The College before completing this Student Enrolment Application Form. You will be provided with transparent, accurate and complete information that is relevant to your application. The information can include, but not limited to:

  1. Intake dates
  2. The VET and CRICOS information of The College
  3. Course information (i.e., fees, duration, delivery mode, location, equipment, unpaid work placement, practical training locations if applicable, and other arrangements related to your application)
  4. Entry requirements (i.e., academic requirements, language proficiency requirements, employment requirements, financial requirements, etc.)
  5. Information about training and assessment
  6. Policies and procedures on course progress/attendance, assessment, and student conduct rules, etc.
  7. Information about the support services available to students in The College

The College will only confirm the intake of a qualification when it meets the minimum number of applications. Students will receive a Letter of Offer in the proposed intake when the minimum number of applications is met.

If the minimum number of applications is not met, a student will be advised of the next proposed intake.

Step 2 - Complete the Enrolment Application

Students will be required to complete and submit their Enrolment Application Form with supporting documents to the Reach Enrolment Team or their Education Agent.